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Alexander Leon born June 30, 1995), better known as bbno$ (pronounced as “baby no money”), is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter

from , British Columbia. He is best known for his collaborations with rapper Yung  as well as his 2019 single,

 “Lalala” with bbno$ clothing Y2K, which has reached over 700 million plays on the streaming service Spotify.

Irreverent Canadian singer/songwriter blends hip-hop, R&B, and electronic influences into a catchy and hypnotic mix.

Emerging in bbno$ clothing  late 2010s, he scored a viral hit in 2019 with the Y2K-produced single “Lalala,” which was certified platinum and charted across Europe,

Australasia, and the U.S. A frequent collaborator with kindred spirit  bbno$ merch, as on 2020’s 2,

bbno$ has continued to release inventive albums like 2020’s Goodluck, shop bbno$ merch Fun and 2021’s .

Born in Vancouver, he dabbled with piano and percussion as a child,

but favored swimming over music. That changed when he injured his back in high school, dashing his professional dreams.

He studied bbno$ apparel -level kinesiology to gain a better understanding of pain, which inspired him to try his hand at music.


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Gumuchian started working with music after experiencing a back injury which prevented him from pursuing his dream

 as a professional swimmer. He became interested in rapping and music production in 2014

 when experimenting on with a group of friends.[8] began simply making music for enjoyment with this group of friends who later

 deemed bbno$ apparel  Broke Boy Gang.[4] After five or six months of performing live as a group and

 releasing multiple tracks online, the group broke up. He began posting tracks on SoundCloud in September 2016 under the moniker of

 “cheap bbno$ merch” where he quickly gained millions of streams and followers.[9][4] He gained popularity in China where he sold out his first

 few “back-to-bbno$ apparel ” headlining tours.[2] He credited his overseas popularity to the Chinese dance crew TFBoys, after one of the

 members, Jackson Yee, danced to the track “Yoyo Tokyo” at his own birthday party.[10]

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In early 2019, released his second studio album, Recess, which draws inspiration from the original

 Disney bbno$ clothing  of the same name, and includes features from Y2K and Trippy Tha Kid

Many bbno$ apparel off of Recess gained millions of streams on Spotify. and Y2K have been

 recognized for marketing their single “Lalala” online by using various websites and online apps,

 bbno$ clothing  TinderInstagram meme accountsTikTok and Craigslist The song was able to peak on

 over 20 bbno$ clothing  around the world and gain over 400 million streams and 500,000 sales in the United States.

canadian rapper

On July 24, 2021, “Edamame” was released featuring Rich Brian. This song was the first single from bbno$ apparel mixtape

bbno$ hoodie after the release of “Edamame” bbno$ started teasing a new album on Twitter.]

shop bbno$ merch that, bbno$ released the second single from the project, titled “I Remember”, on September 22, 2021.[24]

On October 8, 2021, bbno$ released 

 It serves as a sequel to the 2017  EP.

The video for his single “Imma” features bbno$ in drag, travelling around Victoria with drag queen Jimbo.[20]

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Alexander Leon is a Canadian-Armenian rapper, he was born in [2] in 1995.

 He was bbno$ clothing before he began high school.[5] While growing up, his mother had encouraged him to learn piano

 but he had always struggled with music theory.[6] claims that he was good with rhythm and that

 he enjoyed playing Djembe drums, but did not listen to music for recreation until the age of 15.[6]

Gumuchian grew up listening to straight bass dubstep and house music from names like Datsik


bbno$ merch lives in  but has previously lived in Kelowna where he received a degree in human kinesiology at University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2019.